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What is the Matchbox?

The Matchbox is a free widget that adds the most contextually-relevant videos to the pages of your website.

What content is available to me via the Matchbox?

Over 30 million videos from the Dailymotion catalog are at your disposal - from a wide range of channels such as Music, Sport, Cinema and News.

Can I filter the Matchbox’s search results?

Absolutely, you can filter the content by limiting it to a specific channel, group, playlist, user, or language.

How do I earn money with the Matchbox?

Once you’ve registered to the Dailymotion Publisher Network, you simply need to insert your syndication key into the widget’s code. Each time we serve advertising on your Matchbox, we share the revenue generated with you.

Do I need to add the embed code manually on each page?

No, you simply need to paste your Matchbox's code once into your website's template. The Matchbox will then appear on each page of your website where this template is used.

Do I need to be a developer to add the Matchbox to my site?

No technical skills are required to add the Matchbox to your site. You only need to copy the Matchbox's code into your website's template.

Will the Matchbox slow down my website?

No, the Matchbox is loaded asynchronously. This means that the widget won't block or slow down the loading of your page(s).