New Movie Trailers This Week: Ender’s Game, The World’s End, White House Down

Ender's Game Movie 2013

Last week, we showed you new trailers for Pacific RimFast & Furious 6Red 2The Wolverine, and Monsters University. This week, we’ve got funky fresh promos for Ender’s GameWhite House DownThe World’s EndThe ButlerInside Llewyn DavisCaptain Phillips and more. Grab a bucket of popcorn, avoid the nachos, and watch, comment, share the top new trailers to hit Dailymotion in the past seven days.

Ender’s Game via IGN

Children really are our future. With The Hunger Games and Ender’s Game, I do not envy future kids.

The World’s End via FanReviews

I remember hearing rumors that Simon Pegg and Nick Frost would be teaming up with Seth Rogen and his crew to create an apocalyptic comedy. Turns out they’re competing against one another. Hey, no one loves apocalypse movies more than this guy (*two thumbs pointing to self*), but eventually there’s gotta be a saturation point, right? Although, I gotta give props to Pegg and Frost for trying something a little more creative than playing themselves. An epic pub crawl? Yes. How hasn’t anyone made that film yet?

White House Down via FanReviews

Speaking of competition, is the world ready for another White House under attack movie so soon after the juggernaut that was Olympus Has Fallen? I’m starting to think that fake tweet from the Associated Press was really just viral marketing for this flick.

The Butler via Teaser Trailer

I’m hoping this movie doesn’t hit #1 at the box office because I don’t know if I can stomach all “The Butler Did It!” headlines.

Inside Llewyn Davis via TVprime

Ewwwww! The Coen Brothers’ next flick is drenched in Bob Dylan. Carey Mulligan actually has long hair. John Goodman looks like a super-villain. It’s scheduled to premiere at Cannes. If I ever get to go to Cannes, you best believe I’m gonna scream, “CAAAAAAAAAAANNES!” to the heavens while clenching and shaking my fists.

Captain Phillips via FanReviews

The film is a biopic of Captain Richard Phillips who was taken hostage by Somali Pirates during the Maersk Alabama hijacking in 2009. Hopefully, Wilson the Volleyball makes a cameo.

Hatchet 3 via IGN

The third installment continues the horrific saga of Victor Crowley, known as the Bayou Butcher, and picks up where Hatchet II left off, with Marybeth Dunston seeking revenge against Victor who killed her friends, uncle and her father and brother.

As much as I want to knock this seemingly unnecessary sequel, it IS necessary. When people get killed, there are ripple effects. Someone’s gonna get ticked off and seek revenge until all possible storylines and lineages are severed. Makes sense. “Saga” is a bit strong, though, right?

A Girl and a Gun via Video Detective

A Girl and A Gun is a documentary that delves into the psyche of the American gun world to investigate how women relate to guns and gun culture. The film candidly explores protection, power, feminism, and violence.

I don’t own a gun but I’ve shot a couple. I don’t have a girlfriend but I’ve… nevermind.

See ya at the theater!


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