Funniest videos of the week!

Steven Spielberg Barack Obama movie

Time to let your hair down, untuck your shirt, undo your belt, and slip into something more comical. It’s Funny Friday, our rundown of the funniest videos to hit Dailymotion in the past seven days.

Last week we showed you ghost mythbusters, one man recapping Fight Club in one minute, Charles Barkley’s horrendous golf swing, a red panda doing pull ups, a friendly version of the Game of Thrones opening sequence, and a kid’s first warhead.

This week, we’ve got Steven Spielberg’s “Obama”, top pinata fails for Cinco de Mayo, a chihuahua snoring like the rain (also for Cinco de Mayo?), Happy Tree Friends breaking wind, a 6 year old doing Mitch Hedberg jokes, top parody accounts on Twitter, #boatloweringproblems, and the way to a woman’s heart.

Steven Spielberg’s Obama via Flixgr

Is Obama the (intentionally) funniest President of all-time?

Top 5 Pinata Fails via JukinVideo

When and if I ever have a kid, I’m handing him or her a bat with a pool skimmer or ten foot pole. And I’m investing in protective athletic supporters (read: cups).

Chihuahua Snore Sounds Like Rain via Videobash

This pooch can pass out next to me in bed anytime. Way cheaper than buying those sleep aid soundtracks.

Happy Tree Friends – Breaking Wind via MondoMedia

Can’t believe I didn’t start watching HTF earlier. This is my kind of animation.

6 Year Old Performs Mitch Hedberg Jokes via Ambitious Vids

RIP Mitch. Your comedy lives on via kids who have ZERO idea why your material is funny.

Top 5 Parody Accounts on Twitter via Daily Rehash

I can’t wait to see the world’s first verified parody account. That’s going to happen.

How NOT To Lower a Boat Into Water via Jokeroo

Boats ‘n’ ho boy. That’s the last time these guys try to transport their gold bricks via sea vessel. Seriously, how did that tip a crane? Worst crane ever.

How To Impress a Woman via Jokeroo

Then reveal to her that you’re a professional baseball player / astronaut who’s had stock in Apple and Google since day 1. Easy peezy.


WRITTEN BY: Neal – Managing Editor of Dailymotion’s SportsComedyViralNews, and Geek Out Channels.