What is the Dailymotion Publisher Network ?

The Dailymotion Publisher Network is a video monetization solution accessible via an exclusive platform, designed for website publishers willing to enhance their content and create a new source of revenue for their website. The platform enables you to join the Dailymotion Publisher Network and offers you the tools you need to find the most relevant videos to export. Anyone can export videos from Dailymotion.com, but only members can earn a percentage of the generated revenues from pre-roll, overlay, mid-roll or post-roll advertisements.

Why you should earn money online with the Dailymotion Publisher Network?

  • The Dailymotion Publisher Network gives you immediate access to a catalog of over 25 million videos you can add to your website.
  • Dailymotion Publisher Network is fully customizable and lets you integrate videos in the way that best suits your website.
  • Finally, and most importantly, you have the chance to earn a share (%) of the revenue generated by in-stream advertising..

Why is the Dailymotion Publisher Network also important for content owners?

The Dailymotion Publisher Network is a syndication program designed to promote videos hosted on Dailymotion.com. By boosting video circulation on the web via the Dailymotion Publisher Network, we generate an ever-growing audience for our rights-holding partners' content. Monetizing this additional audience generates more revenue for Dailymotion's rights-holding partners.

How do I join the Dailymotion Publisher Network?

To join the Dailymotion Publisher Network, just fill in the registration form here.
Your request will then be reviewed by the syndication team to confirm that your website is eligible for the program.

What are the eligibility criteria for the Dailymotion Publisher Network?

The Dailymotion Publisher Network is aimed at all website publishers. However, the program is only accessible to professionals and private individuals able to send us an invoice for payment. In accordance with Dailymotion's Terms of Use, websites of violent or pornographic nature, as well as those which promote illegal or racist practices, are excluded from the syndication program on principle.

I manage several websites, do I have to apply several times?

No, but you must state all of your URLs when signing up to the program. If your syndication key is found on URLs that our team has not validated, you will be excluded from the Dailymotion Publisher Network. If you wish to add more URLs to your account, please email us: publisher@dailymotion.com

Do I need to host videos and widgets?

No, videos and widget-type tools will still be hosted by Dailymotion. You just need to insert a few lines of code into your website, which will call up the videos/widgets.

What technical skills do I need to integrate Dailymotion videos into my site?

None. You can simply integrate the videos one by one into your website/article by choosing them directly from Dailymotion.
Click here for further information

How do I insert Dailymotion videos into my website?

If I join the Dailymotion Publisher Network, can I still use alternative video players?

Of course, the Dailymotion Publisher Network has no exclusivity requirements. However, via the Dailymotion Publisher Network, you will obviously only be paid for the Dailymotion videos on your website.

Why do you need your syndication key?

Your syndication key is a unique id which will allow us to track the revenue generated by the video / widgets you are embedding.
That's why you always need to make sure that your key is passed when you embed a video / widget in your site.

How do I install my syndication key to start maximizing revenue?

Your syndication key needs to be passed in all the videos and widgets you will embed from Dailymotion.

  • Simple integration: We invite you to use the "Publish it!" via your user interface (Sign in > Publisher Kit).
  • Advanced integration: the syndication key can be passed as a URL parameter. Click here to see an example.

Can I generate revenues from previous Dailymotion embeds on my website?

Yes, but you will need to add your syndication key to all these players in order to enable the tracking. You can manually insert your key into these embeds (Click here to see an example) or you can embed the videos again using our Simple method: via the "Publish it!".

Can I directly embed a video from Dailymotion.com and still earn revenues?

The embed code provided by the Dailymotion platform won't contain your syndication key (which enables the tracking). However, if the "Publish it!" is in your bookmarks, just open it on any Dailymotion player page. The "Publish it!" will then directly offer you to export the video you are looking at with your syndication key (make sure you are signed into the Dailymotion Publisher Network).

How many videos are hosted on Dailymotion?

The Dailymotion catalog is growing exponentially and already counts over 25 million videos (including partner videos). Take a look at the Dailymotion catalog and our key partners here: here

Can I choose what videos to export?

Yes, you can filter the results (via the "Publish it!" as well as via API) and only keep the content you are interested in. You can choose videos one by one, or by user, channel, language, video type (partner video, user generated content).

Can all videos be exported as part of the Dailymotion Publisher Network?

The vast majority of videos on Dailymotion.com can be exported. However, a few videos cannot, either because they appear in a partner's video player (i.e. a video player which does not belong to Dailymotion), or because they are subject to geographical restrictions in your country.

Are all videos monetizable?

No, they are not all monetizable. As no ads will appear in these videos, you won't earn incremental revenues off of them. However, you can still embed them to your site to enrich your content.

How can I know if a video is monetizable or not?

We invite you to use the "Publish it!" if you want to know whether a video is monetizable or not. A message will appear if a video can’t be monetized when you try to export it via the "Publish it!".
Otherwise, if you are using our API (http://www.dailymotion.com/developer), you just need to check the value of the field "ads" of a video (true if a video is monetizable, false otherwise)

How can I make money on Twitter ?

You can also earn revenues by sharing Dailymotion videos on Twitter via the "Publish it!"" extension (view demo).

How can I track my revenue?

You can track your revenue whenever you want on your personal interface. Log in to your account and go the Dashboard and Revenue reporting section. The Dashboard section of your personal account will help you keep track of your daily estimated revenue, impressions and average eCPM. As for the revenue reporting section, it is here to help you monitor the actual revenue you’ve earned.

How is the revenue generated on my website measured by Dailymotion?

The revenue generated on your website by our video player is measured using your unique syndication key. You will receive this key once your application to the Dailymotion Publisher Network has been validated by our staff.
Whenever an ad appears in the player on your site - containing your key - you shall receive a commission. This commission is a percentage of the revenue generated on each ads served within a player where your tracking key has been inserted. This commission is not calculated on a cost per view basis.
Its value is indicated in the terms of registration that you accept when you sign up to the Dailymotion Publisher Network. You first need to register here to access the terms of registration. The terms of registration will be sent to you by email if your application is approved. You will then know the value of the commission.

When do I get paid?

You get paid on a monthly basis, with 2 options:

  • If you have generated over $100 during the month, we will send you your invoice and you will get paid within 30 days.
  • If you have generated less than $100 during the month, your revenue will be carried forward to the following month.
Self billing is our preferred method of payment. Not only is it more efficient, but it also saves time and reduces the possibility of late payment.
However, if you are a professional who does not wish to use self-billing, you can provide us with your own invoices.

How do I get paid?

Payments are made by bank transfer or Paypal (only for individuals and if amount is inferior to $2,500). Attention: Paypal commissions will be charged to the amount paid.
Bank transfers are paid to the account whose details you will have provided beforehand.

Why has my key not generated any revenue yet?

Here is a 3 step process to understand why your dashboard is not showing any revenue:

  • Have you already added videos to your site? (more info)
  • Is your syndication key correctly inserted in the players / widgets on your site? (more info)
  • Are you sure an ad has been streamed in one of your embedded player?
If you still don’t understand why you're not generating revenue, feel free to contact us at publisher@dailymotion.com

What advertising formats are available on the exported Dailymotion player?

When they play a video in a Dailymotion player, your visitors will see it in "in-stream" format.
See here for examples

Can I choose the advertisements?

No, the advertisements shown in the player will follow the applicable laws in your country.

When can I start making money with my website ?

Once you've filled out our registration form and accepted the contract, you will be able to share videos on your site with your syndication key. However, your syndication key will only track impressions and not revenues until our team reviews your application (up to 3 business days). As soon as your application has been approved, your embeds featuring your syndication key will start generating revenues.

Why is my account in preview mode?

By exception, your account can be in preview mode. It means that no tracking key has been associated with your account yet. You can thus preview the user backoffice, the different tools and methods to embed videos in your site, but you won't be able to access your stats or generate any revenues. The preview mode will end as soon as your account is validated by our team (up to 3 days). You will then be able to embed videos with the tracking key we will have associated with your account.

I’ve recently noticed a severe drop in ads served on my syndication key, why?

If you’ve recently witnessed a decrease of in-stream advertising on your website, it probably means that our platform is detecting abnormal patterns in your embeds. These irregularities are often the result of unusual click through rate levels (or pre-roll completion rates), as well as pushing your syndication key on non-validated URLs (Learn more). Please remember that as a publisher, you must respectfully comply with our terms of use. Encouraging invalid clicks or tempering with our metrics will automatically result in a progressive decline of advertising served, therefore impacting your generated revenues. The Dailymotion Publisher Network is strongly committed to creating an efficient and truthful ecosystem for both publishers and advertisers. If you have any questions, please contact us: publisher@dailymotion.com

Are there certain guidelines to follow when sharing Dailymotion videos to my site?

Yes. The Dailymotion Publisher Network puts smart widgets at your disposal to encourage you to experiment with a variety of placements in your video player. However, there are specific placements and behavior policies to take into consideration when sharing videos to your site. Please make sure that if your player is set to autoplay or mute (or both), it is placed above the fold of the page. An ill-placed player will eventually lead to a decrease in served advertising. Moreover, ads are not allowed in any window that is not initiated by a user's click (pop up and pop under windows).

My account has been disabled, why?

Our platform has detected abnormal patterns in your video embeds, thus resulting in the immediate disabling of your account.
Please remember that as a publisher, you must respectfully comply with our terms of use. Encouraging invalid clicks, tempering with our metrics, distributing or ill-placing the player on non-validated URLs, using robots, and/or other similar malpractices will automatically result in the termination of your account.The Dailymotion Publisher Network is strongly committed to creating an efficient and truthful ecosystem for both publishers and advertisers.

Although my account has been disabled, will I still be paid for my earnings?

According to our Terms and Conditions, disabled publishers may not receive any further or pending payments from the Dailymotion Publisher Network.

My account has been disabled. Can it be reinstated?

If your account has been disabled, it can not be reinstated. This decision is the result of thorough investigation by our team, taking into consideration the interests of our advertisers, publishers, and users.